Contaminants in your compressed air system - dust, scale, condensed moisture and oil mist - seriously effect the quality of your plasma cuts. Installation of a Motor Guard Sub-Micronic Air Filter on your plasma machine will effectively remove these contaminants; eliminating arc sputter and producing cleaner faster smoother cuts. In addition, Motor Guard filters virtually pay for themselves by reducing wear and prolonging the life of expensive tips and electrodes.

Sub-Micronic Compressed Air Filter
"The Perfect Final Filter!"
M-26 Maximum Flow - 45CFM
M-60 Maximum Flow - 100CFM
Disposable Sub-Micronic Air Filter
D-13 Disposable
Lightweight and disposable
Disposable In-Line Desiccant Filter
DD-1008 Disposable
Absorbs as small as 5 microns
Sub-Micronic Filter Element
M-723 Filter Element
Removes to .01 microns
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