Disposable In-Line Desiccant Filter


  • Unique point-of-use Desiccant Dryer, signals when water vapor is entering the air stream to the cutter
  • Ideal for Plasma Cutters when mounted after the M-26 filter at the air inlet to the machine
  • Desiccant beads change color from Blue to Pink, when the M-26 element (M-723) needs changing
  • Blue indicates a dry -40 degree dewpoint, Pink ( time to change ) is 0 degree, White is high water vapor, causing damage to the electrode and tip, resulting in poor quality cuts.
  • Also, removes oil aerosols, condensed moisture and particulate
  • Replace dryer when indicator is pink
Compressed Air Filter - Plasma Cutting Systems
Part # Description Pipe Size Max Flow
@ 80psi
Max Pressure Max Temp Removal
Rating (NOM)
Size Replacement

DD-1008 Disposable In-Line Desiccant Filter 1/4" NPT 1200 SCFH 100 psi 120 F 5 Microns 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" None
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