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Our commitment and dedication at Motor Guard is to produce superior and affordable products to solve complex service problems and to always support and provide the highest level of service to our loyal customers. For more information on Motor Guard products visit the Motor Guard website at

Please use the simple eMail request form above to request "off-the-shelf" product literature and more information about the entire Motor Guard line of products. And, for custom applications, our knowledgeable sales staff is standing by, ready to respond with an immediate quotation for your specific requirements.

580 Carnegie Street - Manteca, CA - 95337
Toll Free: 800-227-2822 | Voice: 209-239-9191 | Fax: 209-239-5114

David Barleen, President

Tim Keating, Vice President

Brian Jacobson, National Sales Manager

MOTOR GUARD Corporation's professional corporate support team of operations, sales, marketing and finance, along with our 40,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility is located in Manteca, California. We are ready and able to supply your product requirements at a moment's notice.
580 Carnegie Street * Manteca, CA 95337
Phone: 800.227.2822 * Fax: 800.237.7581
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