Motor Guard’s Magna-Cutter for Aluminum at SEMA 2016

Magna-CutterTM Abrasive Cut-off Wheel - Patent Pending


Exclusive to the Welding and Fabrication Industry, the Magna-CutterTM is Formulated to Cut Fast and Clean with No Loading

Aluminum presents special challenges to the fabricator as traditional methods of cutting with standard abrasive wheels are not possible. Motor Guard’s Magna-CutterTM abrasive cut-off wheel has been specially formulated to cut aluminum fast, cool and clean with no loading.

The Magna-Cutter is a resin-bonded abrasive cut-off wheel specifically designed for cutting aluminum sheet, plate, tubing and structural components. Available in 3” (JMC300AL) and 4” (JMC400AL) diameters, these Type 1 wheels are made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality abrasives and materials.

An additional feature of Motor Guard’s new cut-off wheels is that, unlike standard wheels, they contain no ferrous materials, ensuring contaminant-free cutting. In addition, fabricators report that the Magna-CutterTM exhibits exceptionally long wheel life and has quickly become a shop essential.

Download Magna-CutterTM Abrasive Cut-off Wheel Info Sheet

MOTOR GUARD JMB-1250 Palm Beveling Tool

A revoluntionary pneumatic beveling tool that fits in the palm of the hand!

This tool allows the fabricator to make precise and
uniform cuts on a variety of materials and shapes.

At less than 5 inches in length and weighing under a pound,the Motor Guard Palm Beveling Tool works where larger, more awkward tools won’t.

A tool chest essential, the JMB-1250 features an adjustable chamfer depth and three triple-edged cutting heads that are indexable for long life.

Download JMB-1250 Info Sheet

Watch the video below of the Revolutionary New Pneumatic Palm Beveling Tool from Motor Guard.

Patent Pending

Stakes Included in Kit (100 each):

S-Shape Stake for repair of flat areas
M-Shape Stake for tabs and narrow sections.
V-Shape Stake for repair of inside corners
W-Shape Stake for repair of outside corners

Download Magna Stitcher Info Sheet MS-2500 & MS-1 Kit


Welds Stainless Steel Stakes into damaged ThermoPlastic

Motor Guard is pleased to present the latest item in their
comprehensive line of Welding and refinishing products.

The Magna-Stitcher from Motor Guard provides
an economical solution for plastic repair by
turning your stud welder into a plastic repair tool.

The Magna Stitcher fits all popular stud welders
and provides all the features of a plastic repair system
at a fraction of the cost.

The MS-1 works by Welding a rigid stainless steel stake
into the surface of the plastic resulting in a
permanent repair of the crack. Repairs can be made
on flat surfaces, tabs, holes, ribs, inside and outside corners.

The Magna Stitcher can be used to repair Brackets,
Components, Structures, Panels, Mounting Tabs and
any thermoplastic part. This economical attachment
can also be used for quick, on-the-spot repairs
such as components that do not need cosmetic repair,
and other out-of-sight applications. Simply stitch and go!

Once the back of the broken part is stitched,
the cosmetic repair if required,
can be completed on the outside of the part.

Each Magna Stitcher Kit (Model MS-1-KIT) contains:
  • (1) Magna Stitcher Adapter
  • (25) S Shaped Stakes for Flat Surface Repair
  • (25) M Shaped Stakes for Tabs and Narrow Sections
  • (25) V Shaped Stakes for Inside Corner Repair
  • (25) W Shaped Stakes for Outside Corner Repair
  • (1) Handy and Durable Storage Case
Replacement stakes are available.

Motor Guard Sub-Micronic Air Filter Kit
Model M-26 KIT
The Ultimate Defense Against Damaging, Dirty Air
Now Available in an eye catching counter display.
Motor Guard's popular M-26 Sub-Micronic Filter
is now available in a convenient display package.
The M-26KIT contains (1) M-26 filter, mounting bracket, hardware
and (2) spare replacement elements.
Order today!

Compressed Air Filtration
for Plasma Cutting

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